The Institute of Mental Health and Personal Development “Galen” (“Galinòs”) offers high quality individual, family and group therapy for children, adolescents and adults.

The Institute Galen is a private medico-psychological institution. The Athens Medical Association has granted its license, approved its premises and Internal Regulation, and supervises its operation following the highest standards of medical ethics.

The Institute’s purpose-built premises (260, Mesogeion Ave., Holargos, Athens, Greece) were designed by architects Maria Kokkinou and Andreas Kourkoulas, Professor at the School of Architecture. The elaborate architectural design of its facilities and the spatial experience itself contribute to the therapeutic process.

Its spatial and functional organization is tripartite, integrating Mental Health approaches (psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy), Personal Development practices (dance therapy, art therapy, therapy through writing, relaxation, yoga etc.), and a rich Educational Program designed for specialists and non-specialists alike.

A specific feature of the Institute “Galen” is hosting the Free Psychological Support Program for Cancer Patients “Pnoe”, which offers integral psychiatric and psychological support to patients and their families, children and adults, thanks to the generosity of a benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous. This initiative follows the longstanding tradition of Greek benefaction and illustrates the social concern and responsibility which lies at the heart of the Institute.

The profile of the Institute Galen is reflected in its leading figures: Nikos Sideris, MD, PhD, psychiatrist and teaching psychoanalyst, Scientific Director of the Institute and Head of the Adults Department. Nikiforos Angelopoulos, MD, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry, Special Scientific Associate. Dimitris Anagnostopoulos, MD, PhD, Professor of Child Psychiatry, Special Scientific Associate. Psychiatrist Nikos Andriotis, MD, Deputy Head of the Adults Department and Head of the “Pnoe” Programme. Savvas Savvopoulos, MD, PhD, psychiatrist, child psychiatrist and teaching psychoanalyst, Special Scientific Associate, Clinical supervisor at the Adults’ Department. Child psychiatrist Efterpi Marini, MD, MSc, Head  of the Children and Adolescents Department, and child psychiatrist Mina Paleologou, M.D., MSc, Deputy Head of the Children and Adolescents department. Maro Ipiotou, MD, child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Clinical supervisor at the Children and Adolescents Department. Oncologist Vassilis Barbounis, MD, PhD, Special Counselor at the “Pnoe” Programme; Tessi Lazaratou, psychotherapist, in charge of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Education. Dafni Yiayiannou, Head of the Administrative Department.

“Pnoe” (“Breath”) is a program of free psychological support for cancer patients and their families; a philanthropic initiative proposed by the Institute of Mental Health and Personal Development “Galen”.

The program responds to the overwhelming need for psychological support of persons and families afflicted by cancer. It offers high-quality all-encompassing psychiatric and psychological services, especially to persons with limited resources.

The program is carried out in the specially designed facilities of the Institute “Galen” thanks to the generosity of a benefactor who, in tune with the long tradition of Greek philanthropy, wishes to remain anonymous.

“Pnoe” is designed for patients struggling to cope with the stress-inducing diagnosis and therapy, or to redefine their way of being under these new circumstances. The program also covers the needs of those close to them who share the experience of trauma and its overcoming. Occasionally the program may not be able to cover the needs of terminal patients or those with grave limitations. In those cases, suggestions and directions will be given to those getting in touch.

To enter the program or refer a cancer patient, contact “Galen” at: Tel. 2106523300 / e-mail :